Visual Arts

Art instruction is offered on a bi-weekly basis for grades K-6. Students are exposed to art history, art methods. visual thinking skills, and arts-infused classroom activities.

Computer Lab and Technology 

Scheduled bi-weekly computer lab work time allows for students practice of keyboarding, learn basic technology, researching skills for use of the Internet, and engage supplemental practice work for academic subjects. Grades 3 - 6 have laptops in their rooms. These laptops are utilized in a variety of ways to further the students technology skills. 


Comprehensive music instruction includes note recognition, rhythm and choral training. Choral music enrichment is available to students in grades 2-6 for public performance.

Physical Education

The school’s fully equipped gym provides space for physical activities of all kinds. K-8 students receive opportunities to participate in a variety of team and cooperative sportsmanship activities.


Silverton Paideia offers an excellent Gifted Program for identified students. Identification is accomplished by using scores on approved performance assessments and nationally normed tests.


The Silverton Paideia Intervention Specialist Team provides services to those students who need small group and one on one instructional time in addition to the classroom instructional period. The Specialist Team works with students who have a written plan created for students with learning disabilities by the student's teachers, parents or guardians, the school administrator, and other interested parties.

Capstone Projects

Digital Backpack pedagogy introduced into CPS middle schools in 2011-2012, and into CPS’ fourth and fifth grades in 2012-2013 reinforce project/problem-based learning, technology application, and the 21st Century 4-C’s. The ability to work in teams is emphasized for the creation of multimedia presentations for interdisciplinary topics of study aligned to the academics standards in social studies and science.  

Field/Learning Expeditions

Student visits to local museums and related institutions foster an appreciation for cultural heritage, the creative process, the sciences, history and the integration of new knowledge and innovation into a meaningful context. Learning opportunities within non-formal environments are aligned with classroom academic content and partner programming to extend students’ academic experiences in all subject areas.

Tutoring Services

Silverton Paideia’s academic program is supported through an extensive network of tutoring programs that address the learning needs of individual learners during the school day and afterschool. Volunteers from Silverton's neighboring communities and from Silverton’s corporate and cultural sponsors offer their time and service to aid Silverton student achievement goals.  

Quality Measures

Interventions consisting of a solid core curriculum, research-based instructional strategies, and school-wide positive behavior supports are provided for all students. Assesment data is analyzed to determine which students are at risk according to benchmark goals and achievement discrepancies from peer averages.

Further information on academic measurement: