Digital Leadership Academy

The Digital Leadership Academy at Silverton Paideia Academy

Students experimentingTechnology is changing our lives more and more every day, and our students need to be prepared to not only navigate the digital era, but to be leaders in it.

We are integrating more technology in the classroom so students have a mix of teacher-led and technology-led lessons. Our students’ understanding of technology will evolve from using it as a toy to using it as a tool that can improve their lives.

What Does This Mean for Students?

Students in grades K–6 will become responsible digital citizens and develop the technology skills that will help them be successful in high school and beyond.

Silverton Paideia Academy students will benefit from:

  • One laptop or tablet per student, plus a new 3D printer in the school
  • Blended learning with a mix of face-to-face teacher-led and digital-led instruction, encouraging deeper learning
  • Improved, responsible use of technology by adhering to a digital code of conduct
  • Timeless leadership and life skills, such as critical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving, through our Leader in Me program
  • A variety of extra-curricular activities such as DEAL (Drop Everything And Lead) clubs