Staff List

Office Personnel
Name Position Phone Email
Gassett, Jill Visiting Teacher 363-5469 email staff
Hobbs, Amanda Cincy After School 363-5472 email staff
Johnson-Woods, Talia Psychologist 363-5413 email staff
Kennedy, Chante School Health Assistant 363-5421 email staff
McCleod, Kenneth Plant Operator 363-5400 email staff
Williams, Candace Senior Support Specialist 363-5401 email staff
Teacher / Staff
Name Subject Team / Gradesort descending Phone Website Email
Hall, Barbara Self-Contained 1st Grade 363-5431 email staff
Sanford, Katie Self-Contained 1st Grade 363-5427 email staff
Stallworth, Julie Self-Contained 2nd Grade 363-5424 email staff
Rone, Rachel Self-Contained 2nd Grade 363-5450 email staff
Eichler, Erica Math and Science 3rd Grade 363-5438 email staff
Prather, Alicia Language Arts and Social Studies 3rd Grade 363-5462 email staff
Wallace, Monique Intervention 4-5 email staff
McGlone, Sally MD 4-6 363-5432 email staff
Smith, Susan Language Arts and Social Studies 4th Grade 363-5465 email staff
Bittner, Dawn Math and Science 4th Grade 363-5423 email staff
Ricciardi, Emily Math and Science 5th Grade 363-5470 email staff
Suer, Elise Language Arts and Social Studies 5th Grade 363-5443 email staff
Lazar, Brittiney Language Arts and Social Studies 6th Grade 363-5471 teacher's website email staff
Clements, Christine Math and Science 6th Grade 363-5434 email staff
Thompson, Jessica Intervention 6th Grade 363-5451 email staff
Ashcraft, Anne MD K-3 363-5437 email staff
Patterson, Erin Intervention K-3 363-5451 email staff
Porczak, Tara Autism K-3 363-5439 email staff
Siebert, Kelly Reading Specialist K-3 363-5436 email staff
Turner, Jae Lee Art K-6 363-5429 email staff
Berger-Locke, Nancy Physical Education K-6 363-5425 email staff
Boggs, Shantee Technology K-6 363-5474 email staff
Underwood, Kent Music K-6 363-5448 email staff
Leichty, Anne Speech K-6 363-5449 email staff
Giannini, Manuela Physical Therapist K-6 363-5449 email staff
Lee, Diana Occupational Therapist K-6 363-5449 email staff
Byrnes, Lexey Self Contained Kindergarten 363-5430 email staff
Lora, Kaitlin Self-Contained Kindergarten 363-5426 email staff
Tomaro, Taylor Autism Kindergarten 363-5465 email staff
Dawson, Kim Pre-School Head Start Pre-K 363-5428 email staff
Kennedy-Hall, Sheryl Pre-School Disability Pre-K 363-5433 email staff