Silverton Fourth Grader Becomes Published Author

January 12, 2021

Cover of a student's book Kayla's EyesSilverton Elementary School fourth grader Rhema recently became a published author. Her book "Kayla's Eyes" is now available for purchase on

Rhema wrote her book as part of the Junior Authors program, an intense eight-week, after-school program that seeks to support aspiring young writers in achieving their goals. Three other students were published as well, including a student from Clark Montessori High School.

Rhema worked with a professional editor and professional designer/illustrator on her book, which went through five drafts prior to publication.

When asked how she felt about her accomplishment, Rhema shared, "I never knew I was going to write a book… It looks so stressful, but it was kind of fun."

Her advice to other students interested in publishing was, "The process is going to be hard but don't give up."

You can find Rhema's book on

Learn more about the Junior Authors program. Registration and interviews for the upcoming session is occurring now and is open for students ages 7-17.